2021 Toyota Mirai Cooper Black Interior Video.

The Mirai’s clean, modern layout is infused with a hint of luxury. The cabin embraces occupants in comfort and understated elegance while making cutting-edge multimedia tech easily accessible.

The concept starts with more interior room than the first-gen Mirai, with clever design that further heightens the feeling of spaciousness. The dash panel appears as a single sculptural form, seamlessly integrating all controls, displays and ventilation. The dash is nearly 3 inches wider than in the first-gen Mirai and is also angled more steeply (28.4 degrees vs. 32.7 degrees), enhancing the feeling of spaciousness.

As on Toyota’s GR Supra sports car, the Mirai’s dash design flows into the door panels to wrap the driver and passenger, and the driver section is further defined by a console that’s more enclosing on that side. The console armrest is a significant 3.7 in. wider and 2.3 in. longer than in the first Mirai.

The feeling of luxury comes through in the choice of materials. Major portions of the dash, as well as the console armrest, are wrapped in SofTex synthetic leather. A seamless punched-metal panel resembling a speaker grille runs atop the dash, concealing the audio speakers and creating a sophisticated textural design element. This motif is repeated on the rear package shelf, as well.

Elegant copper-color or satin chrome metal trim outlines the console and then rises to follow the edge of the SoftTex dash covering. With copper trim, the upholstery stitching is beige; with satin chrome trim, it’s gray. The climate control outlet vents blend into a thin horizontal trim panel running just beneath the metal trim line.

Two rows of switches, one below the center display and another within the dash trim below that, are zoned by function. Three-dimensional steps give the steering wheel switches a high-quality feel.

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