3 phase induction motor testing. Motor insulation resistance testing. Motor test case study. megger

Here in this video you will know how a motor resistance testing is performed. In industry induction motors are used everywhere. Testing of such induction motor is a must. The primary health evaluation of an induction motor is to test its insulation resistance for its winding. The winding insulation resistance should be as high as possible with body or ground to insure proper motor running. motor with low winding resistance or grounded motor can’t run. the best equipment used to test motor insulation resistance is the insulation resistance tester or megger. Such insulation resistance testers are capable to test the motors on voltages of motor working or even higher. Here in this video we will cover such testing.


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  1. Avery good lesson on how to check for a short. I always enjoy your content and helpful videos.

  2. Very nice sir
    اھلا یا مہندس کیفک انت

  3. Dont forget to use the megger to charge a capacitor and leave on a table for someone. Good times

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