Brake bleeding with a Mityvac vacuum pump step by step

“Brake bleeding with a Mityvac vacuum pump step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Brake bleeding with a Mityvac vacuum pump step by step”

Other brake bleeding with a bleeder pump:
How to use Mityvac vacuum pump MV8500 to bleed brake of a Renault Clio. Step by step procedure.
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  1. WONDERFUL! Way to know how to Make a video! Nice and brisk, No stupid run-on needless distracting babble, big bold printing in the right picture frame, with only needed information, Thank You so much!!! Keep 'em coming TutoBuild Eng !

  2. Less Talk, More Delicious
    Less Talk, More Delicious

    Which do you like better, the Motive or this Mityvac hand-pump?
    Which is easier?

  3. You can also apply brake grease around the nipple to stop air from giving you a false positive of air in the lines

  4. @4:56 you are putting your teflon tape in the wrong way… it should be put in the same way the threads are, so avoid the tape to unwrap from the threads when start screwing…

  5. How did the pump work? Hear good things and bad things dont know what to do. Also what if you have ABS?

  6. Don't use Teflon tape brake fluid eats through it otherwise good video

  7. 4 wraps of Teflon tape??? One is always sufficient. 4 is overkill.

  8. The kit says to start with the first closest to master cylinder then farthest. Everything I've ever heard is the exact opposite of this.

  9. Still see a lot of bubbles , wonder if this pump really works or just not efficient enough

  10. Don’t use tape, the factory didn’t for a reason, fix the leak instead and don’t open the screw too much. Don’t use those black connectors cause they leak. Put the hose right on the bleed screw.

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