Car painting yourself at home – Goodbye ugly paint !

“Car painting yourself at home – Goodbye ugly paint !” with video from Youtube

Video “Car painting yourself at home – Goodbye ugly paint !”

How to paint your car at home. Step-by-step guide to fully paint your vehicle.

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  1. Thanks for the video. Very nice job. Still couldn't paint the ugly off that car though 🇺🇲

  2. Feels weird watching an irl video with a text to speech

  3. Oh my God i just got tired watching this,imgine if sb actually does it.I better pay a profesional and be sure.

  4. Other channel: u need well closed ventilated room and nice lighting.
    Me: yeah im done learning
    This channel: hold my thinner
    Thank u for the video ❤️

  5. How much did this cost?

  6. Yep.. I've decided to pay someone to paint my car

  7. He kept it simple.. was it a top-notch paint job? No. Did he see that it was obviously not a top-notch car? Yes. So all things considered. Looked alright to me…

  8. Way too time consuming… best left to the pros. In Arizona a full car repainted starts at US $5000! I drive 200 miles to Mexico, I can get it done for about US $1000, pick up the car in 1 week!

  9. car can go another 20 years now.

  10. Only thing im confused about is it was a 4 lug and at the end it was a 5 im pretty sure😂 man did an axal swap too hes a god hope mine comes out this good thanks for the advice

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