Coolant temperature sensor checking WITHOUT REMOVING IT

“Coolant temperature sensor checking WITHOUT REMOVING IT” with video from Youtube

Video “Coolant temperature sensor checking WITHOUT REMOVING IT”

How to control a coolant temperature sensor without removal. Cheking water sensor.

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  1. hi is it dangerous to leave a ect sensor tip that has broken off & is in the coolent passages somewhere or is it ok!

  2. How can i solve my coolant overheating problem on my Volvo a35d

  3. No fixing tips?

  4. Don’t do it. Just get a new sensor.

  5. like Please subscrib My Channel

  6. Thanks for the help but I think the least of this cars worries is the ECT hahaha foreal thou thank you I'm not a mechanic and don't have the money for one.

  7. This guy is a clown…none of his videos are very sensible or safe

  8. That is if you are stuck on a road in the crime capital in the world!

  9. Good educational video, now I know how the ECT sensor works, no matter the criticisms, the objective is to learn how things work, how it already depends on each one

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