Crankshaft pulley change (damper pulley)

“Crankshaft pulley change (damper pulley)” with video from Youtube

Video “Crankshaft pulley change (damper pulley)”

How to change a crankshaft pulley (damper pulley) on Renault Megane/Scenic 1.9 dt/dTi with air-conditioning. Removal and refitting step by step.

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  1. how can the brake immobilize the motor,,, sounds odd. does this work with petrol motor. im about to do this job but losing the timing scares me a tad

  2. how do I know if the pully is bad

  3. Was this done to rectify a squeal from a noisy pulley? Mine sounds like a birds nest!

  4. thanks for the video. i have to do this on my old astra 2.0 dti. i have the belt but am at a loss as to the whereabouts of the rest of the pulley oh well.

  5. Renault are bad cars they are made to be in the shop for repairs often…

  6. Does the wheel have a locking key/ you don’t have to lock the cam belts?!

  7. 잘하시네요 연장대 좋은생각이네요
    저도 어떻게 풀어야하지 고민했는데 감사합니다 thanks you

  8. I failed to get a new pulley for my suzuki jimny so i welded the old pulley which now doesnt have the rubber strip. Will this work?

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