CV boot replacement in place with a cone

“CV boot replacement in place with a cone” with video from Youtube

Video “CV boot replacement in place with a cone”

How to easily replace a CV boot without removing the driveshaft on the gearbox side, using a cone tool and an universal CV boot. Operating on a Peugeot 206. All stages step by step.

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  2. ilfordino - Ford Fiesta Tutorials
    ilfordino - Ford Fiesta Tutorials

    Removing the CV joint makes the job easier and faster.

  3. Isn't the end only held on with a circlip, easier to remove than use that cone

  4. I was out of breath after watching this video. Very realistic. Excellent video. Great job.

  5. Kurwa ale rzeΕΊ

  6. 1) doesnt remove old grease. new grease + that watered grease = disaster.
    2) brake cleaner on rubber..
    3) hammered the fuck out of those threads
    4) clamps no where near tight enough. needed to give the grease under the seal a quick wipe to get good metal-rubber contact before clamping.
    all in all, a hack job done in the cold

  7. Haggard garage dΓ©jΓ  vu

  8. Stubed work steps

  9. I guess its better then the split boots with the tube of glue to "hold" it together. They must have duct taped this guys mouth shut. If it were me, the expletives would be exiting my mouth rapid fire! I tend to get rather "vocal" when I work. LOL πŸ˜†

  10. Thanks for your work. It's helpful.

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