Does engine oil stop leak work – Before vs after

“Does engine oil stop leak work – Before vs after” with video from Youtube

Video “Does engine oil stop leak work – Before vs after”

How to stop engine oil leak with a stop leak. Comparison before vs after the product. motor oil leak.

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  1. Stop leak on coolant i use yes but i wouldnt trust this with a turbo.

  2. 2:54 he throws plastic in his motor

  3. Robot voice = untrustworthy source in my opinion

  4. This is an honest oil leak stop video and its definitely helped me to make the decision to at least try the stuff. Thanks for taking the time. Cheer's!!

  5. do i add engine oil after the stop leak oil, or do i wait a day or two?


    If it doesn't leaks,it doesn't have oil….😄😄

  7. Today I dropped one of these on my puma. Let's see…

  8. I've decided to test this product from bardahl. After 300kms so far, the oil level still on the mark, even when pushing the engine over 6300rpm (peak power output is at 6300 on my car)
    I'll keep monitoring until replacing my oil. (I change it early, 1 month left to change.)

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