Easily fix a peeling clear coat with basic spray cans

“Easily fix a peeling clear coat with basic spray cans” with video from Youtube

Video “Easily fix a peeling clear coat with basic spray cans”

How to fix a peeling clear coat on a car with basic spray cans at lower cost. The technique used in this video does not give a result equivalent to a complete sanding, primer, base coat and clear coat, all applied with a spray gun, but it has the advantage of being less expensive and is very easy.

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  1. That came out terrible

  2. 17:45 the roughness! 😂

  3. Average cost of bonnet respray, 150 -300 average cost of proper paint to do this as a diy 120 plus about 2 days of crying and a terrible looking finish I know which I would go for. Poor car. Good try but next time spend more time on the sanding and for the love of God only only ever use 1500 max on clear coat.

  4. was this an april fools day joke ?

  5. Never wanna sand to the primer 🤦

  6. O..hell …no..

  7. Omg I'm dieing over here the ending results is hilarious!!!!

  8. now it looks even worse than before

  9. The Tie Die Colour Effect is definitely in for 2020 👌

  10. Shocking 🙏

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