EGR valve cleaning – Removal & Refitting step by step

“EGR valve cleaning – Removal & Refitting step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “EGR valve cleaning – Removal & Refitting step by step”

How to clean an EGR valve solenoid on Renault Megane/Scenic with air-conditioning. Removal and refitting step by step. EGR valve cleaning WITHOUT DISMANTLING here :

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  1. Hiya! I've been watching Youtube videos of people performing various engine compartment operations involving testing, removing, repairing, cleaning, replacing, and installing components (like your great EGR Valve refurbish video here!).
      I really enjoyed the way you positioned the camera as one doing the procedure may see what they are in for.  As a fox would, I keep to myself mostly and do everything I can pretty much by myself so there's not much talking going on (so far, not much, hahaha).  I enjoy watching a procedure actually getting done; in real time; not much editing, and your addition of the SubTitles in lieu of talking makes your presentation classy, (sure: snore "opinion"… And a positive one, at that 🙂
      I suppose folks like to share what they are working on: here's the skinny.  I have 2 Ford Ltd. Crown Victoria sedans. The 1988 I've had for 24 years and keep her like new throughout; the other a 1991 that new to me just a few months ago. It's clean, clean, clean. Stupid clean.
      I let my ole '88 sit in the garage for a few years and Dummy-Me didn't prep it for that. Bad gas. Then Idiot-Me tried to run it like nothing happened. Added more higher octane fuel, then poured in Seafoam. Too late!  Got stuck with a half tank of crap for petrol. What can I say? It's the first time I let a car sit. 🙁
       The Fuel tank is all cleaned out, now. New WIX Fuel Filter installed.  All fuel lines purged via Fuel Pump running using the EEC IV Test Plug (the trapezoidal-shaped plug that some people may never find because it is sometimes hidden under a same-color black plastic rectangular Cover / Holder.)
      All old fuel purged all the way to the Fuel Rail.
     The engine still runs Runs like crap.
    The EEC IV  KeyOn/EngineOff test give a "34" Error Code, so I'm swapping the EGR Valves since the '91 has a rather new one as that automobile is new-to-me just a few months ago.  I'm also noting about the Sensor unit to this EGR valve.
      It's so simple to do this EGR remove/install on a Ford 5.0L EFI; everything is up-top.
      You have such patience!
      Thank-you, again, for this tutorial.  It should help many folks out. This video sure does help me out!  
        Foxx, out.


  2. you think it would work with my c240 mercedez

  3. Did I miss something or before he reinstalled the EGR did he check…
    1. the EGR was holding vacuum
    2. The EGR was actually actuating under vacuum
    3. The EGR was sealing when shut
    All simple tests that determine the serviceability of the device???

  4. Good point Jeff. You have to check if the diaphragm was working and I'd be wearing gloves if using over cleaner.

  5. that's not megane scenic

  6. What is that chemical you are using for cleaning .thanks

  7. I think it is a good idea to use a vacuum tester to apply vacuum to the EGR to check the movement of the valve, since the diaphragm might be not working. Thanks

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