EGR valve cleaning WITHOUT DISMANTLING – Cleaner kit test Before/After

“EGR valve cleaning WITHOUT DISMANTLING – Cleaner kit test Before/After” with video from Youtube

Video “EGR valve cleaning WITHOUT DISMANTLING – Cleaner kit test Before/After”

How to clean an EGR valve without dismantling with a Bardahl EGR valve cleaner kit. EDIT 12/02/2015: The video uses the pack 9010 and follows the instructions given saying to spray the product by the admission. Bardahl now sells the pack under item 9123 and suggests to remove the valve and to clean it in a container. It is recommended to follow the instructions given on the product that is delivered to you.
Test of the effectiveness of the kit by visually checking the valve before and after cleaning. Cleaning with removing/refitting of this valve here:

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  5. This is completely insane..
    A fine water mister connected to the inlet whilst driving would be far more effective..

    Flogging bollocks off any motoe without load is pure backward….

  6. The EGR it route from the exhaust manifold, how is work when those spray mist burned before it exit to the exhaust and partially, minimal, recycle back (burned product) to the EGR ?

  7. I wish egr was accessible on ford galaxy. I have to remove turbo (at back of engine) first. Huge job!

  8. The egr valve is slightly open in both images at 6.38..

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