EGR valve cleaning WITHOUT DISMANTLING – Cleaner test Before/After

“EGR valve cleaning WITHOUT DISMANTLING – Cleaner test Before/After” with video from Youtube

Video “EGR valve cleaning WITHOUT DISMANTLING – Cleaner test Before/After”

How to clean an EGR valve without disassembling with an EGR3 Diesel Cleaner. Test the effectiveness of the cleaner by checking visually the valve before and after cleaning.

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  1. You should have cleaned it while it was out the car.. those sprays they sell don't do much , for the money you spent on the can ! It's a waist of money !!! But thanks for showing us the results..

  2. just blocking the valve is the best way

  3. Piss duh im out of here

  4. I have two issues to raise: firstly, is it not possible for the chemists to produce a hundred percent solvent for the gunk and tars to create a perfect cleaner? I assume it shouldn't be that hard to them. Secondly, with such advanes in car industry, why are still using such a dirt prone valves?

  5. Not a great advert for that product eh!

  6. switched off you mutha robot

  7. As a demo of the effectiveness of this spray, the spray was a failure. The visual before and after revealed no more than 20-25% cleaner. Better than a complete zero…

    Clearly, cleaning the valve should be done off the car. Another vid I've seen recommends letting the valve soak overnight in cleaner. That did a job alright.

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