Fixing the gearbox oil leaks, checking the oil level and topping up

“Fixing the gearbox oil leaks, checking the oil level and topping up” with video from Youtube

Video “Fixing the gearbox oil leaks, checking the oil level and topping up”

How to stop the manual gearbox oil leaks . Adding a stop leak gear oil, checking the oil level and topping up step by step. If you see oil stains bellow your vehicle gearbox , or if the oil level drops in the gearbox significantly between oil changes, make sure your gearbox is not leaking. If the gearbox is leaking, you can try to stop leaks with a gear oil leak stop before embarking on more costly repairs.

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  1. Hi i have a gearbox leak and its slipping on to the clutch making it slip first few miles. I can still drive and have been for a couple months just have to warm clutch up. Do you think this might be able to work for me. I cant afford a new car.

  2. muy bien la explicacion

  3. lol this is a fail.
    if you think you have a gear box oil leak, if you take off the oil plug and oil comes out on level ground, more than a few drops. it's got oil it's not leaked out.

    leaks from the main crank, near the bell housing appears to be from the gear box but is from the engine.

    the poor state and multi leaks on this video are from the engine and various places due to poor maintenance and service.

  4. Dude you need to change that gear box oil.

  5. My chevrolet orlando 2012. Model give me problem on leaking pipeline of master cylinder how to fix that problem its been a while now

  6. Not explained the cause of leak and these type of products can harm the gearbox, gear mesh and bearings can reduce the capacity of gearbox

  7. can anyone please do a video on how to fix a leak in a hyundai getz gearbox, thanks.

  8. Dear I hve oil leaking from gearbox …It doesn't smell like engine oil … Can u pls explain my car model is Honda City 2014

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