Front brake pads replacement – Removal and refitting step by step

“Front brake pads replacement – Removal and refitting step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Front brake pads replacement – Removal and refitting step by step”

How to remove and replace front brake pads on Renault Megane/Scenic. Step by step detailed procedure.

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  1. The video is clear, complete and very useful! It helped me a lot with my Clio Rsi! Thank you!

  2. fantastic video I want to change my break pads but never done it before, I think  I have all the tools except the long pole/screw one that you use, I have no idea what the tools are called, can you list the ones you used please so I can work it out?!

  3. ps is this the same process for the back break pads?? as they are the ones that more need replacing according to my MOT advisory 

  4. Should have removed the cap of the fluid tank  before pressing the in piston 

  5. Thanks for that, useful 🙂

  6. Very useful video, Thanks! 

  7. thank you !

  8. a credible vid until i realised you were working on the car without axle stands…amateur

  9. Thank you for making and posting this video…

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