Front suspension lower arm replacement: Removal – Refitting

“Front suspension lower arm replacement: Removal – Refitting” with video from Youtube

Video “Front suspension lower arm replacement: Removal – Refitting”

How to change a front suspension lower arm on Renault Mégane/Scénic with air-conditioning. Removal – Refitting. All stages step by step.

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  1. Do you know what sizes the bolts are?

  2. how long did this task take buddy?? . . seriously fiddly!!

  3. Torque specs please !

  4. Gibe de torque speks b0ss!


  6. do you have for renault modus?

  7. Well done for showing the nightmare of refitting the balljoint.I may be wrong,but I've watched a lot of vids to glean some technique to master this nightmare on a megane 2/anything with it's built in balljoint,and showing this gruesome stage does not seem to be popular.I've replaced my front springs-a similatr nightmare of engaging the lower part of the suspension strut with the hub[AGGHHHH!],moving painfully-one nut/bolt at time,a very long painful time-to replace the lower control arm.I feel like I've been mugged.

    I gather from your vid that a lever using the chasis of the care as the levering point to lower the ball joint arm is the way to go.Looking for leverage point was doing my head in so thanks for that.I'll have to find a crow bar-I've been using piping which can't be used in narrow getting a crowbar type lever is essential.Thanks again.I go back to the torture tomorrow morning.

  8. Fair does for doing the video, but all i can see is a jack holding that vehicle up and you have your legs under it , dodgy

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