Front wheel bearing replacement – Removal and refitting step by step

“Front wheel bearing replacement – Removal and refitting step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Front wheel bearing replacement – Removal and refitting step by step”

How to remove and replace a front wheel bearing without a press.
All stages of removal and refitting step by step : hub removing, wheel bearing extraction, bearing refit, hub refit. Front hub carrier bearing replacement

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  1. Hard way to do it but more then one way to skin a cat i guess

  2. Hi from New Zealand great video and saveme $400 on labour thanks. just one criticism please use carboard for your knees when on raw concrete/ tarseal.

  3. Francisco Silvio Bernardo de Farias Farias
    Francisco Silvio Bernardo de Farias Farias

    Esse mecânico é muito fraco, não tem um torno de bancada e bate com a marreta nas ferramentas. Isso é erradissimo.

  4. WTF is this mickey mouse shit!

  5. Алексей Чиньков
    Алексей Чиньков

    😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 а наше родное кувалда болгарка зубило вобщем пердячья индустрия деревяшки. В европейском сервисе даже с авомобиля снимать бы не стали и для супорта у них специальный крючёчек есть.

  6. This technique is not recommended, many times the work gets worse .. for me it is bad work .. Those things are not knocked out, waiter or wheel hub suffers and the work is done badly

  7. Note to self! no fancy shop needed. Thank you sir

  8. Footballfunzies Reallydestroyingvideos
    Footballfunzies Reallydestroyingvideos

    I never did none of this to change a wheel hub wtf

  9. A hydraulic press do a better, faster and cleaner job.

  10. That car is it? Brand and name?

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