Fuel circuit/ filter/pump prime step by step

“Fuel circuit/ filter/pump prime step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Fuel circuit/ filter/pump prime step by step”

How to prime a diesel fuel circuit/filter/pump step by step after a fuel filter replacement or fuel bleeding on a Peugeot 206 HDI 2.0.
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  1. is the 1.6 hdi the same set up.

  2. No. I beleive that 1.6 hdi has a primer bulb. You must compress the primer bulb until a resitance is felt., It is mor difficult to prime 1.4 / 1.6 hdi than 2.0 hdi.

  3. Many thanks for two great videos, followed what you did on my car. Many Many thanks

  4. Thanks, helped me a lot 🙂

  5. Thanks for this video I'm replacing the fuel filter and housing as it is damaged and was wondering how to bleed it.

  6. im fucked up because of maybe same reason i got the code p0230 i have change the pressure regulator after that same code i chaged the injection pump same i changed the electric pump and egr valve soon i will change engine and same code im getting crazy i hope its not because the bleeding thanks  

  7. That car really needs new motor mounts!

  8. i have a cold start problem on my 2003 d4d corolla. If i press the fuel primer button, it starts much better. What is your diagnoses of the cold start problem eg fuel pressure too low in an injector. All injectors sound perfect though and electrical resistance is 1.2 ohms, so ok ?

  9. 3%battery and car in the middle of nowhere, not a good time for 2 min ads

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