Fuel circuit priming without a primer bulb step by step

“Fuel circuit priming without a primer bulb step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Fuel circuit priming without a primer bulb step by step”

How to prime a diesel fuel circuit / filter/ pump on Renault Megane/Scenic dT/dTi without a primer bulb.
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  1. Thank you very much!

    Merci beaucoup…je crois que peut-etre tu est francais parce que j'ai vu ce video hier soir en francais. Je vais remplacer le filtre de gasoil sur le Megane d'une amie mais elle n'a pas le manuel d'entretien et le manuel du propriétaire n'a pas les directives pour remplacer ce filter.

    If you're not French – I'm going to change this filter for a friend, but she doesn't have a maintenance manual and the owner's manual doesn't include instructions for the fuel filter – only oil and air filters.

    Anyway, well done – a very clear and helpful video.

    PS I think the new filter she bought does not have any new seals with it. What are you views on re-using the old seals? I will of course check for leaks. 🙂

  2. Is this necessary for my Laguna MKII 1.9DCI? I thought all cars from the past 15 years prime automatically with an electric pump at ignition time? I can hear it in my 306 HDI priming the low pressure side of the fuel system every time I switch.

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