Heater resistor electric connector repair step by step

“Heater resistor electric connector repair step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Heater resistor electric connector repair step by step”

Solution of the problem of breakdown of heater blower on Renault Megane/CLIO 1 and 2 1st generation, caused by the overheating of heater resistor electric connector, whose contacts are undersized. Example of repair on Renault Megane 1.9 dT.
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  1. Great video as this is exactly what has happened to mine, but it would have been useful to know the drill size for the holes and what wire to use in the repair section.

  2. Why didn't you clean the terminal where you soldered it? Why didn't you clean the traces on the board before soldering? Why didn't you reflow the other pins and power points so they don't fail later? The whole reason it failed is because the solder joints cracked and allowed arcing and later, high enough heat to burn the board and traces. If you are going to the trouble to do such repair, why not do a good, thorough job instead of showing people piss-poor electronic tech work….. For fuck sake… BTW that isn't a heater resistor. It is a regulated power supply, evidenced by the 2 T0-3 power TRANSISTORS…. No resistors here bro… Please get it right…

  3. Good job dude!  I was looking for this little thing for an hour, you saved me stripping the dash & maybe a few other things in search.  !0 out of 10 for the repair, looks like its gonna last another 10 years.

  4. never use those cable connector on car installation, it will corrode and you will loose connection.everthing else is very good

  5. +TutoBuild Eng early in the video you mention an electric connector which often fails…mine has the same problem I think as I've replaced everything else and the fan still doesn't work! I don't suppose you remember which colour wires I need to connect? I presume it's the black connector on the left?

  6. Megane II 2004 the resistor is located insite the car at the left side under the blower the same issue connectors for red + and black – wires you can see them on the electronic board connectors use a magnifier to spot the solder cracks ,resoldering will solve the problem. from my point of view this happen from excessive temperature/thermal stress or  mechanical stress or
    a combination of the two?

  7. Noah wants his drill back!

  8. You are awesome! THANK YOU!

  9. Hello there. Can you tell us how the device is measuring. avometer multimeter to which measurement setting. more information.

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