How to achieve a super high gloss clear coat

“How to achieve a super high gloss clear coat” with video from Youtube

Video “How to achieve a super high gloss clear coat”

Solution to get super high gloss on a clear coat that you applied yourself or on a clear coat strongly damaged. The gloss is obtained by wet sanding then polishing. A wax is then applied to protect the varnish.

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  1. You would have been better just to repaint with more reducer in your paint. Been cheaper. And quicker.

  2. What do you wet sand and polish with

  3. What grit too.

  4. Meguairs ftw

  5. You should of open the door and hatch to stop from scratches

  6. If ammoNYC saw this he would lose is f*ing mind

  7. All u need is 1200 wet dry warm soapy water washing up liquid then a can of g3 grade 1 or t cut red bottle micro fibre cloths and finish with a wax job done

  8. Do you need only to sand clear coat? Or do you need to wet sand base and paint itself too?

  9. Talk properly you fucking stupid flog

  10. how about tell us how not to "get this" in the first place

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