How to check & measure your brake rotors / discs

“How to check & measure your brake rotors / discs” with video from Youtube

Video “How to check & measure your brake rotors / discs”

How to check and measure the brake rotor/disc thickness and how to find the minimum thickness value specified by the manufacturer in auto parts websites

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  1. Are the coins compensating for the amount of wear below the edge of the disc? Not sure i understand this

  2. A tape measure…seriously????

  3. You are stupid as fuck

  4. Do you not know how to use a caliper?

  5. Excellent thanks! 👍

  6. Very good thanks a lot 👍

  7. I loved this video even tho there was no one speaking. Maybe that’s why I liked it

  8. Excellent video…very informative and to the point. Thank you for helping all of us out.

  9. What is the site for the discard measurements. Euro?

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