How to recognize worn clucth discs

“How to recognize worn clucth discs” with video from Youtube

Video “How to recognize worn clucth discs”

How to recognize / dignose clutch with worn discs. Three methods with car stopped + two methods with car into driving. Check worn bad clutch disc plate

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  1. If you keep pulling your handbrake up like that you need a new cable to

  2. No Clutches were harmed during the filming of this video.

  3. Despite the recent comments, your video tutorial has been the best ive seen on youtube. Thanks for the vid

  4. @0:16 engine overheating?

  5. Very informative and practical video.

  6. Nice demonstration of all tests.

  7. Dont do this on a puck clutch

  8. Change the title please…. How to kill a clucth…

  9. This test did not do any harm to the car i dont know why people keep saying you did something wrong because u should chek theese things twice a year to make sure u wont get left in traffic with no clutch theese people driving automatics make me wana laugh 😂 because they dont know nothing bout shifting a gear lord gave mercy

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