How to replace a dashboard light

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Video “How to replace a dashboard light”

How to replace a dashboard light on Peugeot 206.
Your odometer will not show anything? If the numbers on counter are visible with a low angle light, the backlight bulb is defective. If an orange light is present but the numbers on the counter are not visible, it is certainly a defective instrument panel. This video shows how to replace the backlight bulb of the mileage counter.
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  1. Thanks for showing the type of bulb. Couldn't find it.

  2. Mine looks nothing like that on the back

  3. Thanks for the help that bulb in my car was doing my head in..

  4. Can you answere, can I use different color light?

  5. thanks for the info!!

  6. 233000 miles that Peugeot has done some work

  7. For anyone wondering about the type of bulb to replace, they are called wedge bulbs or globes

  8. What size are the bulbs you've replaced?

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