How to replace a wheel bearing with a cheap 6 ton press

“How to replace a wheel bearing with a cheap 6 ton press” with video from Youtube

Video “How to replace a wheel bearing with a cheap 6 ton press”

How to replace a wheel bearing with a 6 ton press. All stages: hub removal, extraction of the bearing, new bearing refitting, hub refitting with the press. Use of a cheap 6 ton hydraulic press.

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  1. Is that his wife telling him what to do? 😉

  2. He spent days changing that bearing, it is fascinating to see someone buy all that tools and hustled all that time to change 1 bearing, he could saved his time and money by buying a pre installed one for 50$

  3. By the way,using the impact gun does damage the Axle arm, search it or ask an experienced mechanic guy

  4. I was expecting the robot voice to say…call 911..hold pressure on wound…dont pass out.

  5. Альберт Мудрик
    Альберт Мудрик

    Все потрошка под машиной чистые. У мня все покрыто слоем песка и пыли, как штукатурка или грунтовкой из грязи все покрашено.

  6. Nothing seized and the Ball joint split with a couple of taps. If only

  7. Love the extraordinary work bench !

  8. How many ugga duggas was it for the axle again ??

  9. That's a good description. Only reason pros don't often use this approach is because it takes longer and you need an alignment after, because bolts holding the upper knuckle affect camber.

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