How to replace oil filter & egine oil

“How to replace oil filter & egine oil” with video from Youtube

Video “How to replace oil filter & egine oil”

How to change/replace engine oil and oil filter. Demonstration on a Renault Clio without air-conditioning.

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  1. Goed ze👍👍

  2. I´v seen worse  places to put an oil filter. You might want too change you oil a Little more often.

  3. Hello
    Can anybody tell me the measure of the oil dipstick for the clio 1.5 dci?? Low long is the dipstick i mean??

  4. Thanks for this,it was a great help to me when I do mine…

  5. A pig job… Hand suine service!

  6. Wear some gloves

  7. Thats too tight! RIP the next person who has to undo that!

  8. Pfff !!!That oil looks at least >>> 30,000 Km over due !!!!!!

  9. Great video, have you got one to change spark plugs and air filter please? As I'm about to do my first mini service on my clio 1.5 diesel DCi? Thank you

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