How to test common rail diesel injectors

“How to test common rail diesel injectors” with video from Youtube

Video “How to test common rail diesel injectors”

How to check its diesel injectors with direct injection (common rail) by comparison of diesel return flow. Demonstration on Peugot 206 HDI 2.0. Method applicable to all the diesel vehicles with direct injection having electromagnetic fuel injectors.

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  1. Good video. Is it possible to do this on a car which won't start so the test would be done by just turning over the engine. Car in question is a renault laguna dci 1.9. Thank you.

  2. Great know how, thanks, that's going to save me a lot of unnecessary hassle 🙂 

  3. I wonder if anyone knows how much Diesel fuel may leak overflow during a certain period.

  4. I have done it and the injectors returned pretty much the same amount of fuel even though one was definitely bad. Beware that this method is not always accurate. If you have one totally shot injectors and it returns let say 2-3 times more than yes it will work. Mine was partially clogged.

  5. why not put it on the table to four cups? You do not see the point to which the injector cylinder good

  6. Great idea if you are a weekend mechanic but there is more to testing an injector, happy days!!,

  7. I stripped my injectors down and cleaned them in an ultrasonic cleaner,when I reassembled everything I done the leak off test and the diesel was black,like it had engine oil in it ?
    anyone got any ideas what it could be ?

  8. How did you manage to get Stephen Hawking to do the voice over ?
    Sounds great ! !

  9. How can the engine run when the diesel is squirting in the cup ?

  10. What is the cause of diesel injection system engine shutoff after long run?

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