How to test glow plugs – Old Vs New

“How to test glow plugs – Old Vs New” with video from Youtube

Video “How to test glow plugs – Old Vs New”

How to test / troubleshoot / check your glow plugs and the preheating relay. Comparaison old vs new. Auto, automobile, car, vehicle maintenance tools parts accessories engine mechanics do-it-yourself diy tutorial tuto

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Heater plug troubleshooting, diagnose, repair preheat pre-postheating,

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  1. Maik Elétrica Automotiva
    Maik Elétrica Automotiva

    Very good, thanks!

  2. Very good video

  3. I agree with legebakken, never use copper based antiseize on an aluminium head, galvanic corrosion or electrolisis with result. Use only antiseize suitable for aluminium such as nickel based. Otherwise very good video.

  4. Like n sub😀
    Great video👍

  5. Great video 😉

  6. Greatest video

  7. Hello Dear, greets from India,. Do you know from which materials /metals these glow plug was made? are they make from nichrome or tungsten? Please tell me I will be very thankful to you.

  8. Never use copper paste on aluminium

    Never ground to a fuel line or any other pipe

    There is no earth on a vehicle. Its chassis.

  9. Why use the test lamp and multimeter? Just use the multimeter.

  10. Is the car faster ?

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