How to trim/cut a hedge straight

“How to trim/cut a hedge straight” with video from Youtube

Video “How to trim/cut a hedge straight”

How to cut / trim a hedge straight using a string as guide. Demonstration on a hedge with constant height and a hedge with irregular height. Home house garden improvement construction finishing do-it-yourself diy tools.

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  1. How do you keep from cutting the string? I  have been using mason string. Is there s better kind?

  2. Beautiful work. My question is what type of shrub is that. It's so dense and takes to trimming extremely well. Thank you. = )

  3. Fantastic job 💖💖 although I don't understand and 2nd part and why.. 🤔

  4. Shame about the advert pop-up, I couldn't read the narrative!!

  5. Gangster Hedge Rap – my god this bass though, a LITTLE much, anyone with a subwoofer RIP

  6. Platform looks rather wobbly!

  7. Pretty obvious that this is a good way of doing it when we can see it for ourselves.

  8. How do you know if the string is level?

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