Mass air flow sensor (MAF) cleaning with brake cleaner

“Mass air flow sensor (MAF) cleaning with brake cleaner” with video from Youtube

Video “Mass air flow sensor (MAF) cleaning with brake cleaner”

How to clean mass air flow sensor (MAF) of a Ford Mondeo with brake cleaner. Method applicable to all the vehicles. clean mass air flow sensor ford mondeo.

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  1. that air filter need changing too.dd

  2. DO NOT use brake cleaner!
    It can damage the sensitive hotwire beyond repair.
    Buy the proper airflow sensor cleaner, it's only $8 a can for Pete's sake.

  3. Why you didnt just take off the sensor and clean it?

  4. Use non chlorinated break cleaner if you really want to use break cleaner.

    Also use alcohol to clean of the brake fluid residue from the MAS or you are just looking for trouble.

    just pour it onto it for a few seconds and let it dry. Or if you can , swish it around in a container and let it dry.

  6. All you had to do was take out the 2 screws on top lol

  7. comments says a lot, so no need for me to continue with this vid

  8. change air cleaner then you can clean mass airflow sensor with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle

  9. this is not how to clean MAF sensor this is how to be stupid

  10. I broke a filament

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