Mass air flow sensor (MAF) testing without dismantling

“Mass air flow sensor (MAF) testing without dismantling” with video from Youtube

Video “Mass air flow sensor (MAF) testing without dismantling”

How to test your mass air flow sensor (MAF) and to quickly know if it is defective. Mass air flow sensor testing with a multimeter without dismantling. Method applicable to all vehicles. Mass flow sensor, mass flow meter

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  2. What the Fuck is thus shit all about… bonkers

  3. Thanks for making a video, but you might have wanted to point out that this only works with MAF sensors that vary voltage on their output, where most will vary the frequency. The latter you would need an oscilloscope to get a useable reading.
    So, it would be difficult to know which type you have which would negate the useability of this testing method. My particular MAF sensor varied frequency, and so it just had a constant 2.8v that didn't vary with rpm. The new one was an non-varying 3.1v. Thankfully the new one did fix my problem, but the testing method didn't work in my case.

  4. Saya punya mersi 7 g tronic e280 th 2007 kalo dikontak van nya nyala dispeed tinggi cara mengatasinya bagaimana

  5. One day robot voices will either be a thing or extinct

  6. It will still give you readings like this if its dirty , this isn't the complete check

  7. Very great video and very helpful. Thank you and thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You have a very unusual voice!

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