no start / crank : troubleshoot the ignition switch

“no start / crank : troubleshoot the ignition switch” with video from Youtube

Video “no start / crank : troubleshoot the ignition switch”

Starter replacement here :
If the starter doesn’t crank when you turn the ignition key, the possible causes are:
– the ignition switch
– the start relay (if present)
– the continuity of the electrical circuit
– the starter itself
One of the method in car troubleshooting is to proceed by elimination. This video shows how to test the ignition switch in order to eliminate this cause of failure.

Troubleshooting breakdown car starter engine doesn’t start doesn’t crank nothing happens starter motor

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  1. My ignition switch you have to smack with something to get power to the vehicle after the key is turned to the on position.

  2. What’s that little pen?

  3. Ive got 98ford Windstar and I lost the key and I punched the key asembly ,the alarm went off and now it won't turn over,bought a new stirring wheel ,new key and it still won't start the dang shop said they couldn't fix it unless I had a lot of there anyway to put atoggle switch to by pass

  4. battery good, battery connections good, starter fuse good, starter relay good, neutral safety switch good, then if no clicking, ignition switch bad, if clicking, then starter is bad.

  5. WoW! Never knew that about holding for the starter. Great Video! Thanks

  6. No power to ignition, fusses are ok on battery and in engine and fascia boxes, earth volt drops good, found no power to ignition switch, drives perfect by temporary live from fuse box…

    please advice what is the issue here and what could be the solution ?

  7. I have a Lexus sc 400 92 won’t crank won’t start

  8. I'm tryna understand, I got l trouble w/ it.. My power locks don't work or nun wipers radio etc COMPLETELY dead, so its more than likely the ignition switch?

  9. I love u so much will u Marry me I love u lol u helped me Haha I'm back on the road yayyyyyy

  10. 2007 Nissan xterra will not start did this morning and it drove home and when I went to start it again it would not turn over again

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