Pressure regulator test

“Pressure regulator test” with video from Youtube

Video “Pressure regulator test”

How to test a gasoil pressure regulator / flow regulator (IMV). Demonstration on a Renault Clio 2 1.5 dci with a Delphi high pressure pump. The regulator is removed to show the movement of the solenoid valve when it is supplied with 12 volts. It is possible to carry out the test without disassembling the regulator, supplying it with 12 V and listening to the solenoid valve (tic) when it is powered. However, disassembly makes it possible to evaluate the fouling state of the diesel circuit.

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  1. Nice illustration 👏

  2. Not a good test, plenty of faulty regulators will work when in open air under no pressure. Put it under 1000 Bar and then see if it works.

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  4. Should these be changes out as a part of preventative maintanance? e.g. with every timing belt sevice?

  5. This is suction control valve, not pressure regulator

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