Remove / loosen a blocked/stuck rusted stripped screw head

“Remove / loosen a blocked/stuck rusted stripped screw head” with video from Youtube

Video “Remove / loosen a blocked/stuck rusted stripped screw head”

How to remove/loosen a blocked/stuck rusted stripped screw/bolt head. Method of the cold chisel and the screwdriver. Auto, car, vehicle maintenance tools parts accessories engine mechanics do-it-yourself diy tutorial tuto.

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  1. Love the music. It's like auto repair with Conan The Barbarian!

  2. I fuking hate it when that happens, a small job can turn into a nightmare but glad you got her unscrewed lol.

  3. this is a great episode, the music….l felt the happy ending of the release like a movie

  4. im assuming this technique works even without the torch?

  5. 1:32 is that the sweat of hard work or are those tears of joy?

  6. showed that fucken screw whos boss

  7. Why so much drama-added music? Getting busted screws out is dramatic enough on its own.

  8. A reminder that any day during winter when the temperature is above freezing is a great day to get the garden hose and a nozzle and clean all the salt off the car, including the underside and under the hood.

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