Reposition a shifted fuel gauge/needle

“Reposition a shifted fuel gauge/needle” with video from Youtube

Video “Reposition a shifted fuel gauge/needle”

Simple palliative solution with the problem of fuel gauge needle which shifts quite above the last division marking when you fill up the tank and which does not go down again to the reserve position when the tank is almost empty. The repositioning of the gauge by hand can avoid expensive repairs, like the change of the meter or the fuel tank level sensor. This video shows how to reposition a shifted fuel needle/gauge on Peugeot 206 by simply removing the glass of the meter dashboard.

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  1. What is the cause with my fuel guage needle as sometimes when i refuel the needle wont shift unless i fill again

  2. My needle is in the wrong position will this work? It just won't go up. It says empty when it's just been filled

  3. can it also be done on the speedometer?

  4. I done this now my rev counter is broken it's around 200revs out

  5. Now it's in the wrong place. should be on the last white line.

  6. fabulous tutorial thankyou, I had a faulty fuel pointer on my peugeot. I put up with it for ages thinking fixing it would be a nightmare (dismantle whole dash etc) but this video shows how it can be done so easily in minutes.

  7. I have a 2005 Crv se and I was looking for the light buld of the check engine light cause I think it’s burned out so I when I put everything back together I noticed that the gas needle was completely off the range so I try to put back where it says E and the tank was like barley like 1/4 idk remember and not it shows that o have half tank with only 150 miles on it

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