Reversing Light Failure Troubleshoot And Fix It

“Reversing Light Failure Troubleshoot And Fix It” with video from Youtube

Video “Reversing Light Failure Troubleshoot And Fix It”

If your reversing lights do not light up or are always on, check this video. Troubleshoot and repair ! Wiring testing, reversing lights testing, switch replacement.

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  1. Thanks for all instrucions

  2. Very good! Thank you!

  3. nice video, thank you very much!

  4. c'est vraiment génial, j'habite en belgique , je étudié la mécanique pour deux ans et puis j’étais exclus a cause de manque de papier… vos tutos sont génial, plusieurs profs, ne sont pas à la hauteur d’enseigner! ils bascule entre la ignorance et le racisme!

  5. Thanks for instructions. Wish me look!!! Ill try and fix my light Sunday

  6. It is on and off on my very old isuzu trooper .one time it fails while LTO officer chks it but when i brought it to a shop it works

  7. Excellent tutorial well done

  8. Hi there whats the cause of your gears not shifting after replacing the reverse switch, the bulbs were good the fuses were fine changed the switch and then the gears would not shift and was stuck in reverse

  9. There is one ball inside the switch .if that ball missing.switch always on condition

  10. OMG.. so complicated. Give me a headache watching it. You do so easily.😎😎😎

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