Starter replacement – Removal and refitting step by step

“Starter replacement – Removal and refitting step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Starter replacement – Removal and refitting step by step”

How to change/replace a starter on Renault Megane/Scenic with air-conditioning. Removal and refitting step by step.

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  1. This, Sir, made my day and fixed my car. Thank you.

  2. Brilliant work… I've got to change the starter on my R.Trafic and procedure is practically the same, now I have a general idea of how to sort it out. 1000 Thanks from Andalusía.

  3. I've got a MK3 Renault Espace 2.2 dt to repair although I have come very close to phoning the scrap-man as my patience is now wearing thin.  I really do have to agree with the comment "The French can't make cars!" (Jeremy Clarkson)  The starter replacement job is so difficult that if one is keeping the car for more than a year it might pay to buy the expensive Bosch heavy duty starter.. Thanks for letting me know how many parts have to be taken off as a similar job on a VM powered Range Rover only takes about ten minutes.

  4. why renault has to be so complicated?

  5. real saddism!! 🙂 thank you

  6. Hi all, Ive just been working on my daughter's Renault Clio 1.5 DCi, and it was fairly easy….heres how.
    1. drive car up onto car ramps
    2. disconnect battery
    3. remove airbox from top of engine
    in under car
    4. loosen off exhaust mid clamp
    5. disconnect exhaust from Cat converter outlet, and push back out of way
    6. undo nut on Cat outlet bracket
    7. in engine bay, undo the four nuts that secure the Cat to the exhaust outlet, (drivers side rear of engine)
    8. Underneath again, undo the two remaining nuts that secure the Cat to the bracket, by the wheel arch, then simply push the cat over towards the wheel arch.
    9. now disconnect the two leads from the starter.
    10 finally in the engine bay, undo the 2 securing bolts for the starter.
    11, down in under again, and you simply remove the starter.

    Fairly straightforwards and no skinned knuckles

  7. molto dificile ai zmontato tutto??? maestro bravooo

  8. It was a Clio II

  9. bretts basic building materials Andy
    bretts basic building materials Andy

    thank you for taking the time to do it right. a very good video, well done.

  10. Horrible car designing. The location of parts is terrible.

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