Steering column universal joint remove & refit step by step

“Steering column universal joint remove & refit step by step” with video from Youtube

Video “Steering column universal joint remove & refit step by step”

How to remove and refit a steering column universal joint. Example on a Peugeot 206. Auto car vehicle maintenance tools parts accessories engine mechanics do-it-yourself diy tutorial tuto

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  1. Great video, thanks for this. Two questions. 1) What was the torque you used to tighten the u-joint bolts at the end? 2) What symptoms did the old u-joint produce on this car prior to changing it. Was it loose?

  2. On Peugeot 205 hdi 2.0, I used a 25 Nm torque. The value is different for each vehicle model. Take the real torque from your service repair manual vehicle. I did not change the steering column neither the u-joint, i just removed it in order to  change the heater blower and refit it after the change.

  3. Hey Guys And Gals , 98 Toyota Camry is Really Easy To Remove The Steering Shaft U Joint. If Your Wondering How First Remove The Two Bolts One in the Car Under The Wheel ,Second is under hood on lower u joint . if u look you will see it. then on both u joints u can see their is a slit gap going down the side near the bolts u removed . u might need to turn the u joint to see it. once visible use a screw driver thick enough to wedge in that slit . tap the screwdriver in with a hammer until the screwdriver stays on its own and the u joints should slide out of place and come rite off . any questions let me know

  4. very helpfull my safety clip fell of and jammed my streeing,,, thought rack was u/s or my power steering,,, clip is all bashed up,,, ill try peugeot for new one thanks

  5. What about the upper side ?

  6. Doesn't show how to take it off the column

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