The complete guide to Rear drum brakes change

“The complete guide to Rear drum brakes change” with video from Youtube

Video “The complete guide to Rear drum brakes change”

Complete guide to change your rear drum brakes. Installation of a pre-assembled kit containing shoes and wheel cylinders plus brake bleeding on a Peugeot 206.

Bleeding with a bottle here:

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  1. very useful thank you.

  2. Thanks very helpful. Setup looks very similar to 2007 1.4 Pug 206 with Lucas system. Got wrong cylinder 🙁 but correct one on the way. Only problem is shoes are not pre-assembled. Should I return or can reuse springs?


  4. Mistakes in this video , You should not have to bang or hit the drums back on – Check in side of the drum for a ridge of metal where the drum lines have worn, Remove the ridge of metal . Two – punching the lock nut to tab it with a chisel – Use a small round end punch or cut off an old screwdriver . Do not use wire cutters to clamp the hand brake cable this can damage the cable . Find out the correct torque when locking the bearing nut as you could crush the wheel bearings . When replacing brake fluid check for the right the dot number . Wrong dot can cause later problems with the type of rubber seals used in your brake system . Dot 4 for a Peugeot 206 . If necessary to adjust your brake adjusters drill a hole in the brake back plate directly behind the adjuster you can use a screwdriver to adjust the drums when on the vehicle , remember to put a rubber seal in the hole you have drilled ( DIY ) shops usually sell rubber seals . I am an old garage Ex mechanic .

  5. Clean the wheel before refit the wheel (robot voice)


  7. 22:04 i dont always test my brake pedal after bleeding, but when i do, i make sure to have the engine running at 4000rpm

  8. I just want add in, that the tightening torque for axle nut is 200 nm/147,51 ft-lb

  9. Looks a pig to do.

  10. very informative , thanks a lot .. keep going

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