Troubleshoot the fog light indicator which comes on when brake pedal is pressed

“Troubleshoot the fog light indicator which comes on when brake pedal is pressed” with video from Youtube

Video “Troubleshoot the fog light indicator which comes on when brake pedal is pressed”

How to troubleshoot the fog light indicator which comes up when brake pedal is pressed or the car is put into reverse. This problem is rather frequent on Renault Clio and Megane/Scenic but can also be met on other models.
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  1. Thank you for a very informative video.
    That was exactly what I needed to know. 🙂

  2. u are a fuckin genius. thank you…i thought this was going to cost me some real cash …….. awesome video

  3. Just diagnosed and repaired this issue on my Scenic 2003. Clean the contact pins from the terminal block to the actual light unit and maybe just give the pins a little bend upwards which helped fix them in my case. And i mean a little bend of like 1mm. Just move them gently with a very small flat head screwdriver.

  4. The biggest issue i had was getting the light unit to fit back on which is why i am on youtube looking for a video.

  5. Now honestly, you could have cleaned the connections, especially the ground with a brass brush + cleaning alcohol, then using a contact spray. I did it and it works perfectly (for 2 years by now). And it was only $15 for the contact Spray, everything else you should have in your garage.
    Don't take it personally, a new one is definitely a clean, good and the safest solution, but you could have done some research here on YT.

  6. Great tips, today i got same problem on my Clio, but after heavy rain, i will need to check that,clean all contacts and ground. Did notice this problem until today.

  7. Same problem here, but my the foglight symbol on the dash went away when i took the bulbs out. Does this mean i just need to replace the bulbs?

  8. Just sorted mine yesterday. It was the right side for me that was making the indicator go on. But it was the left that was the problem. There was a bulb with two connectors in a slot with one connector. Hope this helps some people.

  9. Would you recommend cleaning the pin with water?

  10. Thank you for your video!

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