Two methods to polish its opaque / hazy headlights

“Two methods to polish its opaque / hazy headlights” with video from Youtube

Video “Two methods to polish its opaque / hazy headlights”

Two manners to clean/ polish its opaque / hazy headlights: with toothpaste or with a headlamp renovation kit GS27. Demonstration of the 2 methods on the headlights of a Renault Clio.

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  1. Good results with the GS27 – (have to say the stuff looks like toothpaste though)
    Why not try repeated toothpaste passes: as many times as you did the GS27.  I could give that a go actually. How many times did you redo the GS27?

  2. why not just take your time with each step you idiot instead of timing your idiot self and have to do it over and over would of came out alright the first time

  3. Omg you are stupid…😕

  4. That's not how you mop my friend, you were far too aggressive and heavy handed with that drill.

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