Front suspension lower arm replacement

“Front suspension lower arm replacement” with video from Youtube

Video “Front suspension lower arm replacement”

How to replace a front suspension lower arm on Peugeot 206. Step by step. lower arm ball joint silent block.

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  1. My mechanic said the lower arm is broken. I also feel my riding comfort reduced a bit. So, is that because of the lower arm? I was told to change the entire suspension though. Thanks!

  2. Where did you get those massive opening Mull Grips? Nice vid btw

  3. EMERGING trɛnd with SUVEER NAIK

    1300 rupee it broke bcoz of jerk

  4. muito bom tirou minha duvida. ontem apanhei pra trocar um lado mas nesse video vc mostrou que nao é tao difícil assim. Hoje mesmo vou trocar o outro lado. thank you very much

  5. Gilberto da Conceição Costa
    Gilberto da Conceição Costa

    Tava apanhando para trocar do meu mais esse vídeo mostra uma maneira fácil e eficaz de fazer

  6. Parte se encaixar o pivô estou quebrando a cabeça

  7. Will the wheels need re alignment after this

  8. remove the ball joint after you've done the bolts on the wishbone,swivel the wishbone round then use a hammer on the wishbone to get it out the ball joint 😃

  9. before tightening the screws of the new arm it‘s recommended to use a hydraulic jack underneath the brake rotor and lift the wheelhub to the neutral position, which can be determined ahead of time, while the wheel is still on, by measuring the distance of the wheelcenter to the fenderframing of the wheelhouse. Tightening in neutral will make the bearings relax most of the time when the suspension is in neutral and thus minimize wear.

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