How to adjust front wheel alignment – EASY

“How to adjust front wheel alignment – EASY” with video from Youtube

Video “How to adjust front wheel alignment – EASY”

A step by step method to adjust the alignment of the front wheels with 2 cleats and a meter.

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  1. The wheels must have all the weight the frontpart have and the bakes must be on and the wheels must been lock , i use a wire from the rear part of the car too the front of the car and chek the difrent of frontwhel of 180 grades

  2. Good grief…you needed someone to help you! We did not need to see all the details of the jacking up, tying the wood and all the rest…I am not sure that this would be accurate.

  3. This is bull. I fix my own car but alignment is really hard. Only machine can do it or else ur tire will get uneven

  4. Ok my trailer is pulling to the right must I loosen the right side on the springs and move it forward or backwards to make it run stait

  5. This method might give your car a dog tracking drive

  6. How do you know which side to do

  7. Probably the best most simple video, hell yeah

  8. Missing the two persons in the front seats, need 2x70kg ballast!

  9. The tie rod should be adjusted both side equally on either side for correct alignment

  10. The hard part would be finding 2 sticks that are straight.

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