How to clean a pitted aluminum rim

“How to clean a pitted aluminum rim” with video from Youtube

Video “How to clean a pitted aluminum rim”

How to clean a pitted aluminum rim. Pitting spots on aluminum are very difficult to eliminate. This video shows how to get rid of them.

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  1. That's not pitting in the traditional sense, that's brake dust embedding in the clear coat. Pitting is when all the paint is removed and there are actual pits in the alloy metal.

  2. how to make a lot of swrils and scratch on your rims😂

  3. where do we buy alcoholic vinegar?

  4. Patrick Leeroy Farrington
    Patrick Leeroy Farrington

    thats pitting? nope.

  5. someone must of have been drinking that alcoholic vinegar before hand. this is brake dust. go to youtube and find video with oxidized aluminium rim. this video waste of time

  6. Woman sounds like she's from Europe im sure u can by that alcohol vinegar there

  7. Oh dear God please do not use such a coarse grade of steel wool like that on your wheels! There are much much finer grades that are actually used to polish metal but this looks like the grade used to wash your dishes.

  8. Inspired by this video, I used steel wool grade 0 (the finest) with white vinegar alcohol or rim cleaning product on alloy wheels and it worked. The key tool is the steel wool which to me, is the only way to remove tar and brake dust dots. Just using rim cleaner or tar remover product with a cloth has no effect despite advertised otherwise.

  9. The wheels are very dirty to start with. It does not look as if it has removed the pitting?!!

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