What happens if you don’t change your Timing Belt

“What happens if you don’t change your Timing Belt” with video from Youtube

Video “What happens if you don’t change your Timing Belt”

All repairs after broken timing belt in this video: valves visual check, cylinder head removal, bent valves replacement, valve stem seal replacement, valve clearances check, cylinder head gasket replacement, cylinder head refitting and … engine start.

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  1. الرجاء لمن يعرف اسم الملف الذي يأخذ منه التعليمات يخبرنا باسمه او برابطه وشكرا مسبقا

  2. U have to have nothing but a total love if not an inherited passion for auto mechanics to do this. #autosurgeon

  3. driving rode

    "clock belt is break"

    "engine is no interfere"


  4. This video is so good. I mean, the guy must be an automotive engineer surely.

  5. Some ass shaking shit songs get more likes than this video. Shame on Humanity!

  6. and we still think humans invented the engine, impossible, too many parts and perfect performance . think about it 🤯

  7. we all learn what someone teaches us, no one gets a degree on his own, right? great video

  8. A job well done, awesome!

  9. Well the measurement on the valve on 22:00 is very incorrect but okay

  10. 14:11– you can use 600 grit no problem, especially on a cast iron head.. THe exhaust valve number 8 might not need replacing, you can buy the round things that go on top of the lifters, they come on various sizes to adjust the vlave clearance….great video btw

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