Wheel bearing replacement on site without dismantling the hub carrier

“Wheel bearing replacement on site without dismantling the hub carrier” with video from Youtube

Video “Wheel bearing replacement on site without dismantling the hub carrier”

How to change a wheel bearing directly on the vehicle, without a press and without dismantling the hub carrier. All stages: hub removal with a slide hammer puller, extraction of the bearing, new bearing refitting, hub refitting with a wheel bearing tool set.

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  1. who sale wheel bearing tool set

  2. Hmmmm…..Do you really have a air compressor and air tools with you in the car at all times? "On site" is a bit off, isn't it?
    Most people don't have any of these tools at hand, and have to go to a garage to get this done. Useful video, but only if you have the tools!

  3. Great video, I’m proud of you that everything got torqued with a torque wrench except the lug nuts, hope you just didn’t show it, lug nuts are as important as the the brake bolts, also I’d clean up the brakes and re-lubricate them but either way good job thanks

  4. I just changed a front bearing on a 2004 passat 4×4.
    I had to remove the Driv Shaft. No inner and outer circlip on b5.5 passat

  5. Suresh Lingabathina Babu
    Suresh Lingabathina Babu


  6. Looks like it was a little bit easier than if you take it off the car.

  7. 11:41 What if the circlips don't have holes on the end points for gripping?

  8. Would have spun the new assembly round a couple of times before refitting the wheel. You might have done this but it was not shown on the clip.

    Also, you sure about the torque on the shaft nut…?

    It does seem overly tight ……

  9. خیلی کاره اشتباهی کردی,نباید ضربه بزنی,😂😂😂👎👎👎👎

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